Where in your life is Mastery relevant?

Welcome to Strozzi Institute. We are the premier training organization in embodied leadership, somatic coaching, and cultivation of the self. We offer a course of study for leaders in business, a course of study for certification of somatic coaching, and a course of study for personal transformation. We also provide custom programs directly into organizations geared towards full engagement, effectiveness, accountability, and team building.

For the last 40 years we have been training individuals and organizations to access and utilize full potential. Our public course participants include leaders in business, government, and non-profits; coaches, consultants, and therapist wanting to learn the SI methodology; and individuals interested in their own personal transformation. Our organizational customers include businesses in technology, health, retail, and services; and non-profits in social justice fields.

We ask the questions: Who are you? and What can you do? Is your personal/professional life what you would like it to be? Are you reaching your full potential? Are you leading your life or is life leading you? Do you live work/life balance? We are all leaders in our lives. How do we become not just better people, but masterful in our lives? If you are in questions like this about your life, Strozzi Institute will assist you in finding answers.

We are talking about transformational leadership and change. As the world changes, the demands on our lives both personally and professionally change. The ability to access and utilize our full self to navigate through these times is becoming a necessity. We suggest that our fundamental source of power (effectiveness) is the self. At Strozzi Institute individuals and organizations learn to access their full potential. This means understanding and practicing our unique possibilities as human beings, which underlies all of our skills and abilities. It is the platform from which our potential is manifested in the world. We can be skillful in a particular area, yet find that some aspect of our self makes it difficult or impossible to fully express that potential.

Three Domains of Mastery

Rather than a variety of programs for different needs, we offer courses of study. We know that to develop mastery in any discipline, practice is required. This conversation easily makes sense when it pertains to activities such as music, sports, dance, and martial arts. It often does not get applied to leadership and personal transformation. We suggest that to become an effective leader, to own and run our own lives, one has to be in the appropriate practices. Hence we offer a course of study to move from facts and knowledge to embodiment of the skills of coordination, and effectiveness; the practices that create the balance between doing and being.

We invite you to join us either for a single course or a course of study. We have organized our schedules to offer you flexibility and choice. Please contact us to have a conversation.

There are three orientations for approaching the courses of study we offer.

Leadership Mastery

This pathway is for those in organizations and business who want to increase their leadership potential. It includes executives, emerging leaders, business owners – anyone who desires to increase their professional leadership. This track assist leaders in minimizing their limitations and increasing their potential and presence.
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Somatic Coaching Mastery

Strozzi Institute’s somatic methodology is a powerful coaching paradigm. Done well, this method will produce deep, sustainable change with your clients. We have a certification process to insure the competent use of the practices, distinctions, and narratives of SI’s somatic discourse. People who have been certified through us include coaches, consultants, therapist; and, directors, managers and executives in business.
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Personal Mastery

Individuals in the process of change and transitions that have the desire to develop and transform themselves or are searching for calling and purpose in their life utilize this course of study. Looking to redesign your future? Moving through one of life’s transitions? We can assist you. People from all walks of life join us to develop a closer relationship to themselves, have a greater work/life balance, and have more satisfaction and fulfillment in their lives.
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